Over 150 New Additions – March 2018

Explore the history of NIS/ONI – over 150 documents acquired from the National Archives have been uploaded this month.  Here’s some of the gems:


  • A brief on the confession of H. T. Thompson, the first American convicted of espionage in peacetime who began spying for Japan in 1934.
  • The coded messages containing U.S. fleet locations sent to Japan by the Pearl Harbor spy Otto Kuehn, who was convicted and sentenced to death by a military commission.
  • Reporting on Nazi saboteurs who landed on Long Island, Florida and Canada.  Go to the World War II page and scroll down to “German Saboteur Landings” for more reporting from ONI, FBI and Coast Guard.
  • Visit https://ncisahistory.org – Your Gateway to an Amazing Past.

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