What’s New – December 2017

This site is devoted to preserving the accomplishments and history of NCIS, NIS and ONI.   Although build out continues, the site already contains over 800 items including:

  • 500 documents, many formerly classified, such as:
    • 100+ ONI/NIS/NCIS Bulletins dating back to 1957
    • CI/intelligence manuals such as: the Duties of Naval Attaches (1919); Notes on Espionage, Counter-espionage and Passport Control (1935); and the Naval Intelligence Manual (1949).
    • Extensive reporting on Japanese espionage activities and ONI counteractions during WWII
    • Photos and personal accounts of NIS personnel serving in Vietnam
    • Charter documents such as General Order 292 which created the Office of Naval Intelligence in 1882; President Roosevelt’s 1939 letter which gave jurisdiction for espionage cases to FBI, ONI and Army Intelligence; SECNAV James Forrestal’s 1945 letter which expanded ONI’s investigative mission; and SECDEF McNamara’s letter which directed creation of a naval investigative service
    • 300+ photos including 40+ official leadership photos.

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