TBT – Intrepid 4 and the NIS CI Operation

The year was 1967 and four sailors from USS Intrepid deserted in Japan and showed up in the Soviet Union.  Read about how NIS identified and neutralized the Japanese anti-war protest group that supported and encouraged the Intrepid 4 at NIS Operation Gold Filling.


TBT (Turn Back Time) – NIS Activities in 1966

The Naval Investigative Service (NIS) was one year old.  The backlog of personnel security (background) investigations was eliminated for the first time since World War II after the resources of the Army, Air Force, and Civil Service Commission chipped in.  Automated work hour and production reports were developed but accurate data input was an issue (sound familiar?).  Command inspections were conducted by the Director.  Autovon high speed teletype network installed – reducing the previous total reliance on mailing leads).  DoD National Agency Check (NAC) Center and Central Index of Investigations (DCII) created.  Read about this and more at Naval Investigative Service Activities Report 1966

Over 150 New Additions – March 2018

Explore the history of NIS/ONI – over 150 documents acquired from the National Archives have been uploaded this month.  Here’s some of the gems:


  • A brief on the confession of H. T. Thompson, the first American convicted of espionage in peacetime who began spying for Japan in 1934.
  • The coded messages containing U.S. fleet locations sent to Japan by the Pearl Harbor spy Otto Kuehn, who was convicted and sentenced to death by a military commission.
  • Reporting on Nazi saboteurs who landed on Long Island, Florida and Canada.  Go to the World War II page and scroll down to “German Saboteur Landings” for more reporting from ONI, FBI and Coast Guard.
  • Visit http://ncisahistory.org – Your Gateway to an Amazing Past.

What’s New – December 2017

This site is devoted to preserving the accomplishments and history of NCIS, NIS and ONI.   Although build out continues, the site already contains over 800 items including:

  • 500 documents, many formerly classified, such as:
    • 100+ ONI/NIS/NCIS Bulletins dating back to 1957
    • CI/intelligence manuals such as: the Duties of Naval Attaches (1919); Notes on Espionage, Counter-espionage and Passport Control (1935); and the Naval Intelligence Manual (1949).
    • Extensive reporting on Japanese espionage activities and ONI counteractions during WWII
    • Photos and personal accounts of NIS personnel serving in Vietnam
    • Charter documents such as General Order 292 which created the Office of Naval Intelligence in 1882; President Roosevelt’s 1939 letter which gave jurisdiction for espionage cases to FBI, ONI and Army Intelligence; SECNAV James Forrestal’s 1945 letter which expanded ONI’s investigative mission; and SECDEF McNamara’s letter which directed creation of a naval investigative service
    • 300+ photos including 40+ official leadership photos.

Welcome and Enjoy

This website is dedicated to preserving the history of the Naval Investigative Service (NIS), Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), and its predecessor elements within the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).  Feel free to browse the index of historic documents and pictures or use the search function to find what you are looking for.

Many of the documents and pictures in this collection were gathered from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) or contributed by members of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service Association (NCISA).

We would like to acknowledge the enormous contributions of NARA employees and volunteers, such as  Keith Bush, a NARA volunteer who before his passing created many finding aids and folder lists which have contributed greatly to this project.

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