What do you know about espionage in the U.S. Navy?

  • Did you know the first American tried in peacetime under the World War I Espionage Act was a Navy Yeoman caught spying for the Japanese in 1936?
  • Everyone knows Jonathan Pollard was employed by ONI/NIS when he spied for Israel. But do you know the other three ONI employees that were found guilty of espionage?
  • Did you know that some of these cases were appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court and established legal precedent?

Click here and see the 63 individuals we have identified as being arrested for espionage. Did we miss any?

6 thoughts on “What do you know about espionage in the U.S. Navy?”

  1. Very interesting and informative. Of course the cases identified in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s bring back memories. I recall working a case as a member of the OSP in 1998/1999 with the FBI re: a navy enlisted member arrested and charged with providing classified navy info to the Russians in their Embassy in DC. Jonathan Turley represented this guy but his name escapes me. Not sure if he was ever convicted as I was transferred before it was completed.

    You are doing a great job Lou!

  2. Jim,
    You are thinking of Jonathan Turley who represented CT1 Daniel King. Charges were ultimately dropped due to complications with the prosecution.

    All the Best,

  3. Thanks Kevin for weighing in here – us ‘old’ retired guys appreciate your thoughtful responses and perspective. R/Tom Coyle

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