NCIS Goes to Hollywood

In Memory of Retired NCIS SA Dwayne Swear- Adviser to CBS’s NCIS New Orleans (Above)

  • 1958- Behind Closed Doors was a television series set during the Cold War hosted by and occasionally starring Bruce Gordon in the role of Commander Matson. The series, which aired on NBC from October 2, 1958, to April 9, 1959, focused among other themes, on how the former Soviet Union stole American missile secrets and proposed steps to prevent further espionage. Behind Closed Doors was based on the files and experiences of Rear Admiral Ellis M. Zacharias, who offered comments at the end of each segment.
  • 1967 – Paramount Pictures proposed a television series based on the Office of Naval Intelligence.  The Assistant Chief of Naval Operations (Intelligence) was opposed to the proposal for fear that it would cast Navy enlisted personnel in a negative light. (see attached)
  • 1992 – Harrison Ford visited the Navy ATAC in preparation for his upcoming role as Jack Ryan in The Patriot Games.
Harrison Ford visits ATAC in prep for Patriot Games
  • Steven Segal visited NCIS Headquarters.
(L-R) Liz Hoag and Becky Wagoner shake hands with Steven Segal during his visit to NCISHQ

NCIS:  The TV Show

Sydney Sun Herald May 2004

52nd Birthday wishes from the cast and crew of NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles and NCIS New Orleans